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In this mysterious sci-fi feature debut by Nacho Vigalondo, an unassuming man finds himself on the run from a crazed attacker and dealing with the complexities of time loops after inadvertently hiding in an operational time machine. More

Hector (Karra Elejalde) dodges domestic chores and instead uses binoculars to have a harmless perve at a topless woman behind his wife's back. When Hector's curiosity gets the better of him, he's attacked by a masked assailant. Taking refuge in a liquid-filled pod, events take a further turn towards the mind-boggling when Hector realises it is actually a machine that has sent him back in time by several hours.

Soon things become even more complicated as Timecrimes takes Hector through a complex tale of duplicates, paradox avoidance and other easily-spoiled subject matter. 

2007Rating: M, violence, offensive language, nudity88 minsSpainSpanish with English subtitles
ActionAdventureScience FictionThriller

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