Veteran Pixar director Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille) follows his live-action debut Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with this sci-fi adventure based on the Disney theme park attraction. A scientifically-inclined teen (Britt Robertson) is granted a fleeting glimpse at an advanced creative wonderland by virtue of a mysteriously-acquired pin that allows her to travel between dimensions. With baddies in pursuit, she teams up with a former boy-genius inventor (George Clooney) to travel to Tomorrowland, make our world a better place, and save us from certain destruction.

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Given that it is named after the most popular area of Disney's flagship theme park, I was steeling myself for a brand-enhancing exercise in corporate synergy when I sat down to watch Tomorrowland.... More

I should've had more faith in director Brad Bird (The Incredibles) – I don't think the word 'Disney' is ever even spoken out loud once during the movie. The whole affair is greatly informed by some very Disney-esque notions, but they are delivered on a deeply earnest platter that the film managed to earn in my eyes.

This strives to speak directly to the least cynical part of any child's mind, which is a valiant endeavour from any angle. The palpability of this motivation kept me on board when the plot got a little wobbly.

The tech on display is glossy gravy of the highest order – cinema hasn't been this well-served by gleeful retro-futurism since The Rocketeer. Amongst the innumerable visual delights are some super-cool robots whose design appears to be inspired by old-timey microphones.

Although the big, exciting ideas that carry the film hit something of a wall during the anti-climactic resolution (classic Lindelof!), it had generated enough goodwill in me by that point to see me through.

It may promise slightly more than it delivers, but there is more than enough genuine wonder in Tomorrowland to justify your attention. Unless you're a cynical jerk.Hide

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BY thorinoak superstar

For an adventure story nothing about this film ventured into new territory. With a plodding plot and phone in performances, its no wonder this film was a flop and the majority of people in the cinema looked totally disengaged.

BY zebh grader

The movie was bland, it had nothing in particular going for it, the main actor/actress were both good, though they made the actress' character a bit pathetic screaming and screeching about things, over the top.

Little to no humor.

The few action scenes were good which was the only shiny glimmer of hope, but drowned out by the slow boring part of the movie.

Overall, ok movie (as would be expected from a big budget movie) but I wouldn't watch it again.

BY RealityCheck superstar

'Jetsons’ tv series with 'Looper', 'Ironman', 'Meet the Robinson’s' and 'Never-ending Story’. It was fully worth watching big or small screen this is great watch for the family. If you truly get into it, you’ll come out after having a great time and feeling charged to do more with you life! :-) I thoroughly enjoyed this & can’t believe it didn’t do better in the box office.
Genre : adventure, apocalyptic, family, sci-fi.
5/5 : Totally a must see & get into it, great... More ‘feel good’ feeling afterwards. Some people will have trouble wrapping their head around this amazing film.Hide

Okay, so not completely unwatchable, just boring.Film spends about 60% of it's run-time setting up an essentially non-existent story. We get a poorly-relaised antagonist that doesn't turn up until the last 20 minutes, and a solution to the problems faced by the the protagonists that essentially amounts to "Oh, hey, why don't we just...". Add to that, our protagonist spends most of the movie being carried along by the machinations of the support cast without any real agency of there own, and the... More - quite frankly - blunt polemic of the "it's up to you to save the earth, cinema viewers" (which I wholeheartedly agree with, I could've done with more subtlety), and the whole things adds up to a boring trip the films you'd be best off avoiding. I'm clearly in the minority though as the general consensus seems to be it was great. Go figure.Hide

BY JackWallace superstar

Tomorrowland is an ambitious and visually dazzling film that deserves to be seen on the big screen, and it's cheaper than going to Disneyland. There's plenty to love about the future metropolis that Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof have created. It has everything you could want from an action-packed science-fiction adventure. Jetpacks, robots, and futuristic gadgets and weapons. It's beautifully-shot and Brad Bird's direction is fantastic. The acting is great. George Clooney isn't just playing... More another playboy, Danny Ocean type character. His character, former boy-genius inventor Frank Walker, is a grumpy, cranky old man. Britt Robertson is very good as Casey Newton, the young heroine trying to find her way to Tomorrowland. The film starts to fall apart towards the end. The last twenty minutes or so is a bit talky and boring. But until then, Tomorrowland is lots of fun and definitely worth buying IMAX tickets for. Check it out.Hide

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  • When it puts down its copy of ‘Political Philosophy for Dummies’ and focuses on character and action, Tomorrowland is a blast. Full Review

  • The glaring failure of Tomorrowland is that its central premise — children are the future — is almost completely negated by the preachiness of the execution and the clumsiness of the storytelling. Full Review

  • It's important to note that Tomorrowland is not disappointing in the usual way. It's not another glib, phoned-in piece of franchise mediocrity but rather a work of evident passion and conviction. What it isn't is in any way convincing or enchanting. Full Review

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