Toni Erdmann

Review: Toni Erdmann

09 Feb 17

A hugely welcome wallop of wunderba!

German Writer/Director, Maren Ade, has fashioned the unlikeliest of comic treats. A father, desperate to reconnect with his adult daughter, dons a mad wig and crazy dentures, in a half-cocked plan to invade her life.

Don’t let the slow pace of the first act fool you, because the initially meandering pace lays the narrative groundwork, earning audience investment in its characters as real people, complete with hilarious faults, foibles and fantasies.

Farcical, laugh-out-loud funny and touching, yes even sentimental, Toni Erdmann brings the words “German” and “comedy” together with a raucous, jubilant, twisted and hugely welcome wallop of wunderba!