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Public health officials go on record to explain how President Trump and the White House failed to initiate an adequate... More

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"Alex Gibney is a well-respected maker of political documentaries from the days of films like Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room in 2005 and I get the sense that he has become a bit of an industry now, a bit like Ken Burns, but Totally Under Control is a great example of a team of strong communicators building a case."

Radio New ZealandRadio New Zealand

"If there are ultimate takeaways from this timely, terrifically made, truly terrifying and thought-provoking documentary, it’s that despite a narrative peddled by some, public health officials shouldn’t be the ones to blame for the “home of the brave’s” death toll and economic disaster."


"To put it in a pop-culture context, "Totally Under Control" is the "Avengers: Infinity War" of corona-docs, wrapping with the snap."


"Gibney and Co posit the president's vain mismanagement as the differentiating factor, hardly a revelation even when presented with more infuriating immediacy than newsprint can manage."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"If you're wondering exactly how we got here on the COVID-19 pandemic, 'Totally Under Control' is essential viewing."


"There are no cheap shots or in-person ambushes here; the polemics are sober, restrained and all the more authoritative for it."

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times

"A calm indictment of lethal presidential incompetence."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"Does it also expand our understanding of what's been happening to us? I think it does. Mr. Gibney and his colleagues provide analysis and context, a world view of a world-shattering event, as well as the clarity of a timeline uninterrupted by commercials."

Wall Street JournalWall Street Journal

"The film is a quietly enraged, and enraging, assault on Donald Trump's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic."

Slant MagazineSlant Magazine

"In the second half of the film, as the U.S. death toll starts to mount exponentially and there’s a chronic but avoidable shortage of masks and respirators, the film becomes – rather ghoulishly, perhaps – more compelling."


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