Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen


Those mighty-morphin’ robots return with a US $200 million budget and scenes shot in IMAX. Michael Bay (Armageddon, Transformers) is of course back at the helm and all the main stars return, including Shia LaBeouf, John Turturro and long-limbed sexpot Megan Fox. This time the action takes a more international turn, with some parts of the movie having been filmed around and even on the pyramids at Giza.

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Two memorable scenes in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen rival the eye-popping spectacle of the original movie. The first is a multi-robot smack-down in a forest. The second is the demolition of an ancient landmark by the gigantic Devastator – a collection of construction machines all rolled into one.... More

Two, count them, two ‘wow’ moments in a 150-minute film. That’s depressing. Director Michael Bay pads out the gaps with lame jokes (two male dogs hump each other and a small robot humps Megan Fox’s leg) or blurry computer-generated action that baffles the human eye to the point of frustration.

The charm of the original is lost in the chaos here. Sam Witwicky’s (LaBeouf) plucky charm and wide-eyed disbelief has been replaced with a smug sense of self-righteousness. Megan Fox tags along to jiggle her breasts and there’s a new, frankly unappealing token babe whose fake tan makes her more orange than an Oompa Loompa with a liver defect.

Those, like us, who were fans of the original might be disappointed with how lazily this sequel has been rolled out. It feels like a rushed, thoughtless FX showreel flicked off by a bunch of suits. Not even the biggest explosions in the world can hold interest for two and a half hours.Hide

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The first TRANSFORMERS was undeniably fun in an INDEPENDENCE DAY kinda way. Great special effects, fun characters and it moved at a slick pace that kept kids and adults entertained as they munched their popcorn. This? This is headache brought to life. It takes every good aspoect of the first movie and by multiplying them destroys them. The effects remain great - but without a script, decent characters or a single iota of intelligence this is one giant "WTF" moment. Pointless and... More painful. The plot holes are so vast that Megatron could happily stride through them and the script, pace and acting make Bay's PEARL HARBOR seem almost bearable in comparison. Utter garbage on a vastly expensive level. Even my 4 year-old was bored after twenty minutes...Hide

Every time I have tried to watch "transformers 2" I have fallen asleep. This is probably a mixture of tiredness and boredom. This movie is genuinely terrible, I thought the first Transformers movie was ok. Nothing special but you were actually able to follow the action. Not the case for "Fallen." The action scenes are too shaky, the sound of the transformations is ridiculously loud and grating and they seem to transform every 15 secs during battle. And why are the Army shooting the robots with... More bullets? It didn't work in the first one it's not working now and it won't work in the (unfortunately) inevitable 3rd movie.Hide

Best movie ever and perfect in every way, mabye a bit too long but great CG, massive explosions, great characters and an easy plot to follow, All together a great movie, plot could have used some more work but still best movie of the century, 5 Stars from me

BY Dhoom wannabe

best movie ever seen . Can't wait for transformers 3 with more fun. Guys no film can beat tranformers . It is dam good

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  • This movie is not as much fun as the first but it manages to retain a human scale while giving us really high-end special effects. Instead of fudging things with night-time battles, we see robot combat in bright sunlight. Which is pretty impressive. Full Review

  • Old folks may find the relentless sensory assault a little draining, but the bangs, ’bots and bombast ensure Fallen has everything Transformers fans will want and expect. Full Review

  • Little seems new compared to the first installment, except that this version is longer, louder, and perhaps "more than your eye can meet" in one sitting. Full Review

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