U Turn (1997)

U Turn (1997)

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Oliver Stone's Arizona-set thriller with an all-star cast led by Sean Penn and Jennifer Lopez. Bobby Cooper (Penn), a broke, two-bit criminal becomes involved with a desperate man (Nick Nolte) and his Indian wife (Lopez). When his car breaks down in a small God-forsaken town, the heat and the desolation drive a stranded gambler to risk his life for love and money.

1997Rating: R18, contains violence & sex scenes120 minsFrance, USA
Oliver Stone ('Platoon', 'Wall Street', 'Born on the Fourth of July', 'The Door', 'JFK', Natural Born Killers', 'Nixon')
Sean PennJennifer LopezJon VoightBilly Bob ThorntonNick NolteJoaquin PhoenixPowers BootheClaire Danes

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