United 93

United 93


British director Paul Greengrass' (The Bourne Supremacy) film, shot documentary-style, about the events of September 11. Follows the flight of its title - the fourth hijacked plane - the one in which passengers were aware that three other planes had been used as weapons, and that they were next. Drama centres on the panic of air control stations, the onboard terrorist act, and the passenger and crew heroics.

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BY PJS2455 superstar

Very intense, but all this talk of an 'important' film? I'm not sure. You certainly wouldn't describe it as entertainment would you?

BY PJS2455 superstar

Doens't flag wave, isn't emotional or sentimental. This powerful film is so good for not only what it does do, but what it resists doing.

This movie really disturbed me. It was done so well, so realistically. No soundtrack, no gorgeous people. Definitely worth seeing.

Yes a powerful film, althou not as bad as I had expected. Was good to see how all the background stuff worked that public is not able to see, like the airports, control towers and the military. I watched the hour and a half 'Behind the scenes' docu with the families and that affected me more than the movie. But on saying that the story had to be told in reality and not all frilly and lacy which Paul Greengrass did so well. And yes I was drawn into the movie many times thru out it. Will... More definately watch it again when it comes out on DVD.Hide

BY Brian1 superstar

A strongly presented recount of one of the planes on that dramatic day that changed the way many now think.
How dramatised this was no one knows, but we do know the outcome.
We should all see this film to perhaps gain a little insight into the world of fanatasism.

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  • BBC

    Frighteningly claustrophobic... it is emotionally raw yet unsentimental; it shows people at their most pained and inspirational; it is both brilliant and troubling... Full Review

  • Impossible to recommend as a great Friday night out, yet agonisingly vital as thought-urging cinema... Full Review

  • The lack of fully realized characters, and the absence of any historical or political context, raises the question of why this particular movie was made... Full Review

  • What remains is the image of the world's most powerful nation powerless in the face of crazed determination. What that means for the future is almost as chilling as what happened on that day... Full Review

  • It's a difficult, unenviable task for any filmmaker to revisit and portray 9/11 - one of the darkest hours of recent times - but British director Paul Greengrass has achieved this and more in United 93... Full Review

  • Taut, visceral and predictably gut-wrenching, "United 93," Paul Greengrass' already much-debated look at Sept. 11, trades in some emotional impact for authenticity, capturing the overwhelming sense of chaos surrounding that day's harrowing events. The result is a tense, documentary-style drama that methodically builds a sense of dread despite the preordained outcome... Full Review