The New Zealand Land Wars of the nineteenth century provide the setting for this Geoff Murphy epic - starring Anzac Wallace and Bruno Lawrence - that closest approaches the style of a classic western in NZ's cinematic back catalogue. It starts with the slaughter of a Maori village where almost every character seems to enter into their own personal vendetta against their enemies, turning the film into a prolonged ballad of revenge. These savage motivations mean the moral compass is effectively shattered, nobody is completely good or evil, and the stage is set for some incredibly visceral set pieces, a grim view of race relations and a jet black sense of humour. Bruno Lawrence’s gun needs to be seen to be believed.

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A great NZ film. Wish they made more like these.

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  • Mingling history, anthropology, adventure and parable, Utu, like Smash Palace, is another testament to the vigor of film making in New Zealand. Full Review

  • A film both fascinating and disconcerting, all but bringing off the gamble of combining a serious look at history with a thrills'n'spills action movie. Full Review

  • A fast-moving visual tale of archetypal passion and action... Murphy has produced powerful images and strong performances, particularly from Wallace... Action sequences, special effects, and visual exploitation of a rugged, high country location in central New Zealand are superb. Full Review

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