Review: Valkyrie

By Tara
16 Feb 09

entertaining but no real suspense or emotional journey

Perhaps it was because I already wiki'd a lot about this assasination attempt in anticipation of seeing the film, but I didnt really feel drawn in or that excited watching this film. It did have lots of action, but I feel that it was still all kept at one suspense level throughout.

I found it was a little confusing trying to follow who everyone was (again perhaps because I was trying to relate it back to what I had read) and I also found that there was a lot events that obviously must have spanned some time but the film made it appear like it was happening within a day of each other.

In the end the film was okay and probably as good as I expected it to be given that it had Tom Cruise in it. The film probably was let down because I had previously seen Der Untergang (The downfall) which I feel is the best film about Hitler I have ever seen. Any other true Hitler story probably will pale in comparison.

This morning I did think that what might have been more interesting would have been to have scripted Valkyrie as what would have happened had the attempt been successful. You could have even had 2 endings still one with what did happen, and one with what might have happened. I am sure many viewers definately had that thought in their head as they watched, just as I did - what could have been if only they had had both explosives, had been in the bunker or that bag had been left on the other side of the table leg.