Review: Watchmen

By Rocky
13 Mar 09

Who is watching the Watchmen unfortunately I was

Watching this film I could just see the die hard fans squirming in there undies at convention screenings there dreams finally realised that now the whole world will know the genius of there much loved graphic novel.

Alas after what felt like an eternity of back-story, well posed group hero still shots and nuclear war threats I kind of felt the genius was lost on me. Now I’m new to the watchmen so I didn’t have the history of which has to come as a prerequisite before watching this film or at least enjoying it, but a group of cops who dress up aren’t superheros there just a group of cops that like dressing up. But these cops who did decide to dress up can punch through walls and take down large groups of people by them selves so maybe there is something that the convention'ists know that we don’t.

There is a real guy with powers however he’s going through some god like mid life crisis. Dr Manhattans monotonous dialogue coupled with his holier than thou attitude proved that even though you have awesome powers doesn’t make you any less of a prick. In saying this blue boy did prove that even a god cant please a woman every time.

Ok all that aside it looks great its high contrast film noir look coupled with some nicely done special effects almost redeems it but knocking on three hours of something that looks cool is not enough to stop the yawn factor. As well as this it is a newish look at the whole superhero genre but just because the film was set in the eighties didn’t mean it had to be made like a long drawn out eighties film sex scene and all.

I couldn’t help thinking half way through that ill get my fifteen dollars worth if they stop the film now and roll Wolverine.