We'll Never Have Paris

We'll Never Have Paris


Romantic-comedy written, directed and starring Big Bang Theory's Simon Helberg. He plays an awkward young man who screw up on a transcontinental level in an effort to win back "the one" (Melanie Lynskey). Co-stars Zachary Quinto and Maggie Grace.... More

The story is inspired by the romance of Halberg and co-director Jocelyn Towne (niece of screenwriting legend Rober Towne), after his stunted attempts at proposing. Says Halberg, "Unfortantely many of the clumsy, horrific decisions the characters makes are somewhat true to what I've done. I wish I could blame it on my imagination."Hide

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22% of critics recommend.
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  • Although Quinn may strike some viewers as more annoying narcissist than self-deprecating charmer, he's a vivid creation. Full Review

  • This derivative comedy, in addition to not being particularly funny, gives off a sense of telling us more than we needed to know. Full Review

  • A nimble and tangy comedy, sails through most of its fleet runtime without a hitch, only to lose its nerve, slightly, in its final moments. Full Review

  • Lynskey's performance is sympathetic, but the movie doesn't fully convince us in its dramatization of her responses to Quinn's large and small blunders. Full Review

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