West of Eden

West of Eden


A few want power to control. Two need freedom to love.

New Zealand independent drama following a young Māori man who moves to the country to rebuild his life after facing prejudices around his sexual orientation. He takes on a job on a farm where he grows attached to the farmer’s son. But when their relationship grows, the situation steers into darker territories…

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BY Valeria nobody

Really enjoyed this unique, thoughtful slow burning drama with rich characters and superb acting. The characters and their stories will stay with me for a long time.

BY purdeu nobody

Recently,l had the very good fortune to attend a showing of a locally produced film.
"West of Eden".
This treasure of a film,transported me back to an evocative time,an era that l really did have "the good fortune" to live through as a New Zealander.
Sadly,l am bound to say,the "magic"that was has long since vanished into the ether.
Therefore,my heartiest congrators to the producers of "West of Eden" for setting a benchmark in precision cinematography,authentic detail,excellent casting and... More superb script writing that in itself exposes an otherwise negative undercurrent of biasedness that existed even in the "utopia" that was NZ.
10 out of 10,Little Red Her Productions,you most certainly deserve to succeed with this one!Hide

BY JosieY nobody

This film has many layers of secrets that unfolded slowly with little teasers. I came away knowing I had seen the secret that a man keeps, the secret that two men keep, the secrets that the main character keeps about the father of her son and her on-going affair and also how the villagers support the various secrets with knowing looks. I loved the clothing, the furnishings, the cars, the hairstyles, the music and the scenery.
I think the film could have been 30 mins shorter, some of the camera... More shots were dragged out a bit longer than I would have liked. I thought the breakdown of grief and anger by the actor Peter Ford was a stupendous piece of acting and a highlight for me.
Well done to all concernedHide

A really great film. I wasn't sure what to expect but this was a complete surprise in such a positive and refreshing way for NZ film. A completely original, well written and crafted film that didn't falter from start to finish, with a cast of actors delivering top performances, extremely well directed and beautifully filmed, I really can't say enough about this film, a must see!

BY Jewel4u nobody

I saw this movie last night and what a treat! Beautiful to watch with a story I can't stop thinking about. A great cast that did justice to strong and memorable characters. All the 1960s cars and costumes - so perfect, what a stylish era. I love the way the film looks so beautiful but the farm is full of dark secrets. Billy, the main guy, is adorable but the family he gets involved with has got some serious problems. Good film, I would watch it again.

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