When Night Falls

When Night Falls

An independent digifeature, from first time writer/director Alex Galvin. Shot in Wairarapa, 'When Night Falls' is a thriller set at a country nursing home in NZ 1930s.

A killer is on the loose in the Wairarapa area, and three nurses have turned up strangled to death. At an isolated country home, two nurses - Louise (Nolan) & Martha (Hart) - are caring for an invalid patient. They're left alone one night, as the home's groundsman goes to town needing a new oxygen cylinder for the patient.

But there's a creaky creak, a crackity crack, and the housekeeper suddenly becomes incapacitated. Are Louise and Martha so freaked out their minds are playing tricks? Or is someone else is in the house?

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i watched this at a sleepover with my mates... surprisingly low amount of gore for its type and heaps of random scary moments (they killed the cat!) first time i have screamed watching a movie!! really good for a low budget film, and the music creeped me out.

It's quite watchable - but largely due to interest (in that its a low budget local film). The production values it aims for aren't reached, but otherwise quite well done.

Definitely worth watching. Pushes all the thriller and suspense buttons and has a few nice original flourishes.

So much less blood than your normal horror, but so much more suspense. A 5 star must see, and it's NZ made!

A cool film with some very suspensefull moments. Throughly enjoyed it.

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  • 1/2 When Night Falls is a genuine curiosity: Written, Produced and Directed by local boy Alex Galvin, starring an absolutely luminous Tanya Nolan, and arriving on the screen looking like an accomplished exercise by a director hell-bent on resurrecting Hitchcock and Lang... Full Review

  • Inspired by the stories of Agatha Christie, Mary Roberts Rinehart and Ethel Lina White, and evoking memories of everything from Blair Witch, Trial Run, The Others, Cold Creek Manor and When a Stranger Calls, this feature-film debut from Christchurch-born writer-director Alex Galvin is an atmospheric and alluring little chiller.... Full Review

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