Where the Wild Things Are

Review: Where the Wild Things Are

By Nicola
25 Jan 10


I LOVED this movie - But having always been a fan of the book (and Jim Henson) that was predictable I guess. No matter how much I loved it - my two kids (6 and 3) fell asleep in the middle of the movie. It just wasn't riveting enough for them - there are long stretches where very little happens. I guess the story (being quite short) once stretched out loses it's appeal for kids. They just wanted to see the book on the big screen, and this was probably a bit dark for the little ones - who only know the book and fail to see the story behind the story.

If you are a grown up kid, and remember the book from days long gone, you will love this - especially for those of us from the Muppets era. The characters are fantastic, their childlike emotions expertly portrayed, and the story is well translated from a kids book where it is easy to miss the point of the story to this movie where the point can't be missed.