Whip It

Whip It


In Bodeen, Texas, an indie-rock loving misfit (Ellen Page) finds a way of dealing with her small-town misery after she discovers a roller derby league in nearby Austin.... More

Whip It marks the directing debut of Drew Barrymore, who also stars.Hide

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Drew Barrymore’s bruiser of a directorial debut is a hugely entertaining, feel-good hit. You’ll be cheering for Ellen Page’s plucky ‘Babe Ruthless’ as she hooks up with a roller derby squad, enjoys a bit of romance and high-fives her best buddies.... More

On the surface the film is structured much like Bend It Like Beckham and features the same central struggle about a daughter following her sporting dreams despite an unimpressed parent. Just swap soccer boots for skates.

But Whip It stakes out its own identity with empathetic characters and wonderfully subtle performances, particularly from Marcia Gay Harden as a hard-to-win-over mother. And it’s great to see some more of Andrew Wilson (Owen and Luke’s brother) as the lackadaisical coach.

The scenes of the sport itself are filmed with enough variation and vitality to keep things exciting; no small feat for what is essentially rolling around in circles. All set to the beat of a comprehensive indie rock soundtrack with everyone from Peaches to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Barrymore’s brilliantly-cast roller romp is a great promo reel for the roller derby movement. Expect sign-ups all over the country after this.Hide

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Drew Barrymore directs a fun, entertaining movie that, like the recent movie THE RUNAWAYS, can be enjoyed by anyone - regardless of what sexual equipment resides in their underwear. Ellen Page is great - as always - and it's great to see such a solid supporting cast: Drew Barrymore, Alia Shawkat, Kristen Wiig, Marcia Gay Harden, Zoe Bell - and especially good to see Juliette Lewis after what seems like ages! Great soundtrack too!

Seriously missed an opportunity here- the derby girls were portrayed as nothing more than violent, boozy slappers. There's a lot more to it. The games were boring and stupid.

i tink i looks realy funky and fun movei that lots of people would love!!(the people that i nw)!!i like the idea that at begining it look realy girly posh-bt then it turns all fun

Really really liked this film, not because it was amazing or anything but because it was full of Drew Barrymore's quirky style. It didnt have any of that hollywood drama that seems to be in so many films at the moe. Gives a funny insight to the world of roller derby's too lol

If you like DB's quirky weirdness spin then this movie you will like.
Great movie to go to with your friends who are girls :)

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  • An unreasonably entertaining movie, causing you perhaps to revise your notions about women's Roller Derby, assuming you have any. Full Review

  • Clicks on so many levels -- heartwarming family story, rough-and-tumble display of grrrl power and a secondary but tender and convincing romance. Full Review

  • What makes Whip It a blast is the action in the rink. What gives Whip It heart is the pathos, pain and mettle-testing elements that accompany any serious athletic competition. It doesn't hurt that its diminutive star is surprisingly athletic and agile on the track. Full Review

  • You know where it's going, and you've seen these characters before, but it's a moving little flick full of feisty fun. Full Review

  • At moments, especially in the conflicted intimacy between Marcia Gay Harden and Daniel Stern as Bliss' parents, Barrymore shows real directing chops. But in Whip It she's painting inside the box. Full Review

  • While the story itself is a trifle clichéd and not particularly inventive, the roller derby backdrop is fresh and the performances good, lifting Whip It well above above the mundane. Full Review

  • Laced with good-natured hipster kitsch and endearingly goofy girl power, director Drew Barrymore's roller-derby dramedy, Whip It, is a gas. Full Review