Review: Whiplash

14 Nov 14


If you see only one movie this month - make it WHIPLASH. A searing study in the sacrifice and sheer damn hard work it takes to realise your full potential. Writer / Director Damien Chazelle turns the lens on his actors and never takes his finger off the maximum intensity gauge.

Miles Teller is stupendous as a young jazz drummer tutored by JK Simmons, as a so-committed-he’s-totally-batshit-crazy mentor. The acting is mesmerisingly intense, with Simmons on his finest and most frightening form since he first scared the crap out of me in US TV drama, OZ.

It’s a movie about art. A movie that asks how far is too far? How far would you be willing to go to be the best at what you love? Do you have what it takes? Jazz drumming is treated no differently than a movie following a raw recruit who wants to join the Navy Seals, S.A.S or Green Berets. Think the training sequences in G.I. JANE or FULL METAL JACKET - only with more jazz drumming.

Powerful, confrontational, scary, claustrophobic and impossible to take your eyes off - if intensity, provocation, intelligence and stunning acting are to your cinematic taste - check out WHIPLASH - it’s just that good.