Review: Whiplash

By Barny
20 Feb 15

I've gotta be honest (and call me a hater) I didn't like it at all, JK Simmons was amazing but the story was rather wanky, it didn't show Jazz musicians as having any kinda rapport or organic soul, it paid no lip service to the greats like Max Jones, Art Blakey, or Elvin Jones, but rather served as a mouth piece for the film maker's upset at not making the cut as a drummer in his earlier school of music days. It's well made and there's drama (rather "as if") and the story reminded me of 'Flash Dance' meets 'Full Metal Jacket'
...and goddamn, JK Simmions 'kin' nailed it!
My fave drum movie is Drumline...cheesy drama but the Drum battles made my heart sore.