In the iconic artist's own words.

Co-written and directed by James Bogle, Whiteley examines the life and legacy of one of Australia's most celebrated painters.... More

While his brief, dazzling life was erratic, combustible and tragic, Whiteley also created a highly productive and brilliant artistic vortex around which much of Australia's '70s and '80s sense of self-worth as an aggressively creative nation emerged. In the end and despite his inglorious demise, Whiteley was able to manifest an outstanding body of work that elevated him beyond his notoriety into the international echelons of preeminent modern artists.Hide

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  • ...the result is an absorbing portrait, marred only by Bogle's decision to use actors in a series of dramatic reconstructions. Full Review

  • Director James Bogle utilises a basic, no-frills approach, wisely surmising that Whiteley’s spellbinding visual gift will speak for itself. Full Review

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