Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Director Robert Zemeckis backs up Back to the Future (1985) with this live action/animation mix, a family noir (if you will) set in a world where people co-exist with cartoons. When Roger Rabbit - a cartoon movie star - is accused of murder, his only hope at being proven innocent lies with a hard-drinking, 'toon-hating private detective (Bob Hoskins).... More

Featuring breakthrough craftsmanship in the way the film blends animation with the real world, the films was a massive hit, won three Oscars, and helped revitalise an interest in America's golden age of animation. The characters that populate Roger Rabbit include those from Disney (Mickey Mouse et al.), Warner Bros (Bugs Bunny et al.) and Fleischer (Betty Boop et al.).Hide

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  • For audiences who grew up with cartoons as a natural part of their moviegoing, the shock may not be the mix of live and animated folk--it may come from the truly revolutionary sight of great icons of rival studios cheerfully rubbing shoulders. Full Review

  • An ingenious blend of hand-drawn animation and live action, spliced with humour that's by turns madcap, surreal and violent, Roger Rabbit demonstrates that it's possible to push the technical boundaries while still cooking up decent characters and plots. Full Review

  • The real stars are the animators, under British animation director Richard Williams, who pull off a technically amazing feat of having humans and Toons seem to be interacting with one another. Full Review

  • Although this isn't the first time that cartoon characters have shared the screen with live actors, it's the first time they've done it on their own terms. Full Review

  • The first blend of animation and live-action that seemed so natural we felt the characters were real. There's many a lad still harbouring a crush on Jessica Rabbit. Full Review

  • BBC

    Visually stunning and creatively superior, Zemeckis's work is frequently staggering and always entertaining. Full Review

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