Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs


A group of middle-aged friends (the bizarre ensemble of Travolta, Allen, Lawrence & Macy) decide to rev up their routine, cramped suburban lives with a freewheeling motorcycle trip. Throwing caution to the wind, the quartet attempt to rediscover a youth lost.

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BY munchkin superstar

Full of big names and big promises it still has a Few laughs but just seems they threw some big names in and thought no ones going to notice the script

I reckon this the bestist movie in a long while, funny stuff through the hole flick. the nerdy dude tryin to ride his bike was a laughing stock, great thing to watch

this movie is the best movie i ahve seen in a long time. Its a great storyline with all kinds of things going on. All played there parts well espically William Macy haha good movie a Must See!!!!

If you have a bike youll enjoy this. I wonder if NZ bike shops have sold a few bikes because of this movie. Yea its cliche'd but it has appeal to most people there were plenty of laughs. Hey it had some slow points, not many movies dont. It even made the ladies laugh.Some people reckon Lord of the rings was good and you cant argue from the box office takings. I haven't been able to sit through any of those movies yet without being bored.
good entertainment value

This movie starts poorly, gains traction, starts to climb through a couple of gears, gets a few misfires, kind of turns the corner, then hits the skids and putts out across the finish line.

There are far worse movies you can choose if you are looking for middle-of-the-road American schmaltz and escapist fun, and there is the odd moment where the movie will have the outsides of your mouth turn up. However there are probably just as many moments where the rest of the face will follow upwards... More and turn a grin into a grimace.

William H Macy must have thought all his Christmas's had come at once being drafted in to romance the youthful-looking Marisa Tomei, either that or he gave the casting director half of his salary.

All in all, I give this movie a two-stroke.Hide

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  • (Zero stars) An indolent, PG-13, Disney "biker" flick that does for comedies what Exxon did for Prince William Sound... Full Review

  • By the time it sputters across the finish line, Wild Hogs feels as if it's gone on forever -- like a trip in a hot car with the windows rolled up. The air is stale and hard to breathe, and it sure feels good when it's over... Full Review

  • While each actor is talented in his own right, the on-screen friends' relationship is barely developed... Full Review

  • With its clever premise and quartet of appealing comedic star turns, Wild Hogs is a step above the typical comedies rolling off the assembly lines of the major studios... Full Review

  • Given his writer-producer credits on good-to-great recent sitcoms ("My Name Is Earl," "Arrested Development," "Grounded for Life"), one might expect more situational wit, or at least some snappy patter, from Brian Copeland's first bigscreen script. Instead, the humor rests primarily on slapstick wipeouts that have no physical consequence... Full Review