Wild Target

Wild Target


Action-crime-comedy about a middle-aged assassin who trying to give up the game.... More

Victor (Bill Nighy) is a most respected assassin and also the most expensive, carrying on the family business extablished by his grandfather. Problem is, it's not a job where you tend to meet the right girl. So his domineering mother grows increasingly worried that an heir to the family business won't eventuate.

By contrast, Rose (Emily Blunt) is a free spirit, a gleeful, joyous thief. When Victor finds her as his target, but then becomes drawn to her, he spares her life, only to unexpectedly aquire in the process a young apprentice, Tony (Rupert Grint).Hide

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Adapted from an old French farce but played in a way that is quintessentially British, Wild Target probably shouldn’t work given the two differing comedy styles it blends together. While this fusion isn’t entirely pitch perfect, for the most part it succeeds in being a funny and entertaining black comedy.

Most of this can be put down to clever casting. Bill Nighy continues to be a consistent comic performer, this time in a role that sees him getting laughs with more deadpan material. Opposite him, Emily Blunt seems born to the role of light-hearted love interest that’s precocious and mischievous, cutting through some of the stuffier elements.

Featuring a plot that is too oddball and frothy to add up to anything significant, Target is still able to string together enough gags and one liners to draw laughs. The thriller portions are less successful for the same reason, however, and there’s also the issue of Nighy and Blunt’s relationship shifting from that of surrogate father-daughter to romantic subplot, which gets more weirdly unsettling the more you think about it.

That’s probably the key to enjoying this movie. Many people will see the French and British heritage as a sign that it’s a ‘smart’ comedy. It isn’t – it’s mindless entertainment in a refined style.

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BY Gerd superstar

This is a fin black comedy. I thought each joke, be it punch line based, slapstick, dark or otherwise, was perfectly timed and the pace of the entire film was expertly carried out.

BY ps2tan lister

Enjoyed this movie was quite funny and enjoyed seeing Rupert Grint in something other than Harry Potter

Much like the popcorn I was eating, the first 20 minutes are extremely enjoyable. However, halfway through, the whole thing grows hollow and by the end, it leaves you with a stale taste in your mouth. Subplots that go nowhere, annoying character arcs and some obvious plot holes weaken the film, though it’s never insulting and its quirky humour does hit more than it misses (much like Victor‘s aim, waka waka).

Full 100 word review here 100wordmoviereviews.blogspot.com/

BY freshdude superstar

As long as you're just expecting to spend a pleasant and entertaining 98 minutes, and not after a thought provoking and substancial masterpiece, then you should have a good time.
The cast definitely makes the film. A good laugh, nothing more.

I saw this last July on a plane flight (as an aside, why do these movies take so long to get on the big screen in NZ???) and thought there were some hilarious moments, but I suppose it depends on your sense of humour!

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32% of critics recommend.
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  • A talented cast keep some low-key action and tired gags from derailing this disappointing farce. Full Review

  • Jonathan Lynn's lamentable black comedy Wild Target again shows that attractive and charismatic actors can do nothing to save a movie that's charmless, pointless and witless. Full Review

  • The considerable wit, style, and skill that Mr. Nighy and Ms. Blunt bring to the project are squandered. Full Review

  • The considerable wit, style, and skill that Mr. Nighy and Ms. Blunt bring to the project are squandered. Full Review

  • Nearly every element here is wildly off-target, from Jonathan Lynn's ("The Whole Nine Yards") lazy helming and Lucinda Coxon's shambolic script to the embarrassed-looking perfs from usually excellent lead thesps Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt. Full Review

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