Ron Howard directs the fantasy story by George Lucas. Warwick Davis is Willow, a simple farmer and aspiring sorcerer, tasked with protecting a baby from the tyrannical Queen Bavmorda (Jean Marsh). Co-stars Val Kilmer and wife-to-be Joanne Whalley, who met each other on set. Ahead of its time for a fantasy epic, location shooting took place in New Zealand.... More

Fearful of a prophecy stating that a girl child will be born to bring about her downfall, the evil Queen Bavmorda imprisons all pregnant women in the land of Nockmaar. A child, Elora Danan, is born in the Nockmaar dungeons and identified as the prophesied child by a birthmark on her arm. However, before the black sorceress arrives to claim the child, Elora's mother convinces her reluctant midwife to escape with the baby.Hide

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  • Though ''Willow'' bears many signs of the Lucas imagination, it has been directed by Ron Howard, whose approach is more matter-of-fact. Full Review

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