World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

Review: World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

By el_bad
07 Apr 11

B-grade disaster movie with token bum-chin

I do love my apocalyptic alien invasion disaster movies, but this one was almost insulting. I found my mind wandering at several times during the movie, even in the midst of supposedly thrilling battle scenes.
The dialogue really was rubbish, the aliens were far too killable, there wasn't enough gore and the amount of suspense was pathetic.
I'm sick of seeing Michelle Rodriguez in her signature tough-girl role. There are other actors capable of portraying smart, strong, courageous women. Rodriguez has almost become a parody of herself.

I disagree with Flicks reviewer Karl Puschmann. This movie isn't a ton of fun, it's a disappointing attempt at a genre which has turned out gems like Cloverfield and District 9. Boo! Try harder Hollywood.