X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Filmed in part at Arcadia Station in Otago, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is an X-Men prequel tracing the back story of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). ... More

Wolverine is seeking to avenge the death of his girlfriend at the hands of Victor Creed (Live Schreiber), later to become Sabretooth. His desire for revenge is so great he enters the mutant Weapon X programme to maximise his chances.

Few of the characters from the earlier films will appear, although the Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) character will debut alongside Gambit, The Blob and Silver Fox. South African director Gavin Hood won a best foreign film Oscar for the crime drama Tsotsi.Hide

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Flicks Review

The most popular character from the X-Men movies gets a solo ride in this forced and unconvincing spin-off. While nifty stunt work and petrol-head pyrotechnics help give the movie a grunty, sweaty feel (love the shot with Jackman walking away from an exploding helicopter), ropey computer effects and a bizarre storyline will disappoint those expecting a top-end blockbuster.

Jackman’s Wolverine still proves an engaging, likeable rogue. Opposite him, Liev Schrieber oozes menace as the villainous Victor Creed (aka Sabretooth). But as soon as they go at each other in hand-to-hand combat, all credibility is lost. It just looks silly – two grown men flexing and growling in what looks like an advertisement for a gay gym. There are moments of intentional humour, particularly from Ryan Reynolds in early scenes as Deadpool, and while The Blob might be a spitting image of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, his appearance is a ludicrous highlight.

It might be fun for fans to spot some references – how Wolverine gets his name, a little bit more detail about the Weapon X program, where adamantium comes from – but sadly this spin-off seems irrelevant for everyone else, just an odd curiousity that doesn’t feel complete on its own terms. Bryan Singer’s X-Men films were way better.

And what’s up with that unresolved downer of an ending? It's rumoured that multiple conclusions are circulating in the States as a publicity gimmick. Could we request another one, please?

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Certainly watchable and sometimes fun ("Blob? Did you call me Blob?") this is often just dumb and has plot holes so awe-inspiringly-devoid-of-thought it leaves your head spinning... Can you buy someone being shot in the head and, um, waking to forget ONLY the specific memories the bad guy's trying to erase? Really? Oh boy... Kids will love it (my 5 year old did) and it's fun to watch as an X-Men fan - but it's a wasted opportunity that dumbs down the character and replaces edgy adult... More story with family-friendly-multiplex-popcorn-munching fare.Hide

I really expected a little bit more action but I think Hugh Jackman did pretty good

I'm only giving a 3 star rating coz I like Hugh and am a big fan of Wolverine. Otherwise I would of agreed with Flickz review.


I was entertained
I ate all my popcorn
Not a comic fanatic
so didn't know if it was true to the original story - didn't care!
Complaints that he is indestructible - So can't lose his memory seem weak.
And hello! of course it was made for your dollar! - mine freely given.

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The Press Reviews

  • It is Hugh Jackman's misfortune that when they were handing out superheroes, he got Wolverine, who is for my money low on the charisma list. He never says anything witty, insightful or very intelligent; his utterances are limited to the vocalization of primitive forces: anger, hurt, vengeance, love, hate, determination. Full Review

  • Just another vaguely unsatisfying night down at the multiplex. Full Review

  • Can everyone stop making moody origin stories now, please? While not a disaster, this isn’t the claws-out, rampaging adventure we hoped for. No-one cares where Wolverine found his jacket — a spin-off with him kicking ass in Japan would have been way more fun. Full Review

  • Everything gets scarified on the altar of speed. You hardly get any chance to take the measure of any mutant, least of all Wolverine. Full Review

  • Engaging back-to-beginning superhero romp, with the South Island as co-star. Full Review

  • Good blockbuster fare. Origins lacks the magic of the previous films, but Hood does well with a franchise whose shelflife depends on which mutants are next. Full Review

  • Good blockbuster fare. Origins lacks the magic of the previous films, but Hood does well with a franchise whose shelflife depends on which mutants are next. Full Review

  • There's certainly plenty here to keep most entertained. For me, what this film suffered from, was just too much, all of the time and still not enough to get your teeth into. Full Review

  • Noisy and impersonal, X-Men Origins: Wolverine bears all the marks of a work for hire, conceived and executed with a big budget but little imagination. Full Review