X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men: The Last Stand

The final in X-Men trilogy, based on the mutant characters from the most popular comic of the last couple of decades. And, it's the first not to be directed by Bryan Singer who's off doing the new Superman movie.

A mutant "cure" has been developed. Now our mutant friends have for the first time, a choice between retaining their uniqueness which alienates them, or giving up their powers and become normal, respectable human beings. The opposing viewpoints of rival leaders Charles Xavier (Stewart), who preaches tolerance, and Magneto (McKellen), who believes in the survival of the fittest, are put to the ultimate test - triggering the war to end all wars. Jean Grey's back from the dead also.

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I was lucky enough to get to a preview of this. I was a semi-fan of the first two. I feel it's the weakest, but still holds up in the trilogy. It has less intrigue with its characters, their development is stalled or boring. The action sequences though are first rate, as good as any in the first two. Peace.

I went to this film with X-Men buffs and while they were scoffing and fidgeting in their seats I was quite enjoying myself. If you take this as another episode in the film trilogy instead of an X-Men movie then you should enjoy it too.

It was interesting how they used the new characters more than some already established ones but at the same time, the new characters weren't really developed much either.

The effects were wicked and I was fully impressed with them yet... More again. My only complaint was that when Wolverine was getting his clothes and skin blown off, his pants weren't even touched!!!

In the end, my companion agreed that it was a good film as long as he didn't think about the comics too much.Hide

There's so much to say about where this film failed,however I'm ing to over look all the obvious.
The main dissapointment I found while watching was the excitment element was missing. The first two films also had afew downfalls but atleast while watching there were moments where you had that childlike excitement ing on, like when you were a kid watching teh cartoon for the first time and you sat there thinking "This is so cool".
Don't get me wrong there was some really cool stuff... More and there was alot of really cheesy shit. I just think they rushed this one, with more time spent on the script and character deveolpment (especially introducing the new characters) they could have done a better job. There were so many occasions where I was wondering why that character was there or where another character went(scoot for example) and what the hell whappened to Rogue? I mean she never really did much before but she did even less here.
i hope part four will take it's time coming out.Hide

Well hey what do you want, it is a xmen film. Some od visual fx... bit of action bit of a giggle and men and women in tight outfits... grand nite out..

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  • BBC

    Given the amount of action and life-changing events which occur in X-Men: The Last Stand, you'd expect to feel more moved. But this third outing for the spandex-clad mutant superheroes and villains is surprisingly short of real emotion. X-Men 2 is regarded by many fans as one of the best comicbook movies ever made. This sequel is tidy but uninspiring, despite a storyline which deals with the invention of a controversial 'cure' for mutant-kind... Full Review

  • By adding too much new blood Ratner loses some of the original DNA, but with its nifty set-pieces and a few nasty surprises, X3?'s still a worthy enough sequel to ensure it's no Last Stand... Full Review

  • Not exactly ing out with a whimper, "X-Men: The Last Stand," the closing installment of the commercially and critically successful Marvel movie franchise, still fails to generate the satisfying bang created by the first and, particularly, the second edition... Full Review

  • If it is, in fact, a last stand for the X-folk then it's probably best. The third film in this formerly standard-setting superhero franchise sure turns up the special effects and concludes with a battle royal between mutant factions and mere mortals, causing spectacular upheavals to the landmarks in a certain Californian city... Full Review