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French animated family adventure about a young yellowbird who must lead a lost group of birds to Africa. Seth Green, Dakota Fanning and Danny Glover lend their voices to the English-dub version of the film. More

"The orphaned and overly anxious Yellowbird (Green) has never before ventured beyond the walls of his home, but after receiving some motherly encouragement from his best friend, Ladybug (Yvette Nicole Brown), he determines to finally correct his failure to launch. Setting foot outside for the first time, he encounters Darius (Glover), patriarch of a family of bluebirds, whose injuries prevent him guiding the flock to their winter home. Suddenly entrusted with leading Darius' entire flock — including his beautiful daughter Delph (Fanning) — on their annual migration to Africa, our young feathered friend must learn to overcome his fears, navigate his way through dangerous situations, and find his self-confidence if he ever hopes to find himself a real family." (TIFF Kids Film Festival)

2015Rating: PG, Violence90 minsFrance, BelgiumFrench with English subtitles
AdventureAnimatedComedyKids & FamilyWorld Cinema

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

...this first feature from France-based animation studio TeamTO is a strictly-for-kids affair with a straightforward and often cliched story.

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Yellowbird is available to stream in New Zealand now on Google Play and Apple TV.