Zero Dark Thirty

Review: Zero Dark Thirty

09 Feb 13

Film Making at it's best

The hunt for Osama bin Laden is told through a heart stoping, adrenaline filled tale that show's just what a genius film maker Kathryn Bigelow. The story follow's CIA operative Maya hunt to find Osama bin Laden. Following the plot through ten year's it show's just what a mammoth task the hunt for bin Laden was.

Jessica Chastian is brilliant as the CIA agent who is completely committed to the cause. It's harrowing performance that is certainly oscar worthy. The supporting cast of Mark Strong, Kyle Chandler and Jason Clarke are all brilliant and show just how difficult personally the hunt was on them, with the screen time that they are given. All of the cast do this in such way without having any character development or backstory. Which is great to see. As with such films the flaw can be the backstory that as an audience we don't really care about. Bigelow get's straight to the point. That this is about the hunt for bin Laden and nothing more.

Controversy has surrounded Zero Dark Thirty about the way torture is depicted. Most namely that it is depicted in a positive way. This is certainly an stupid statement. That any one who has watched the film that I know completely disagreed with that statement. The film is certainly not saying that. From the get go you certainly know that it is not glamorizing at all torture.

This is high octane thriller that finishes off with some of the tensest last 20 minuets you will ever see. Considering you know the end of the story you are completely on the edge of you're seat all the way through the sequence leading to a great ending.

Written, shot and edited in a period of 18 months. This is filming making at it's best. From the start you are completely inthralled leading up to a completely satisfying end. Highly recommended.