Lockdown lifts in episode 5 of Social Distancing

Social Distancing is a series of animated shorts that diarise life under rāhui/lockdown. Watch the first five episodes below.

Written and animated by Francis Glenday, with music by Jack Northover, Matthias Jordan and The Phoenix Foundation’s Samuel Scott, Social Distancing captures moments of pandemic reality like working from home, or supermarket shopping.

As Glenday decribes the series of 2 minute episodes, “Social Distancing is a short, animated diary of normal, real-life life under extraordinary circumstances, showing how we go on even when we might feel like we possibly can’t. When you’ve run out of the normal things to do and talk about, suddenly you find humour, fun or meaning in the most banal of activities, stopping to take a moment to appreciate that life really does go on. In this series I’ll be re-creating real-life things that have happened to me and my family as we work, shop, learn, and live through the lockdown and beyond.”

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