How to watch Anyone But You in New Zealand

Sparks fly between Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell in this new Australia-set rom-com that sees the pair, on the outs after a first date misunderstanding, stuck together at a destination wedding in picturesque Sydney.

How to watch Anyone But You in New Zealand

Anyone but You is screening in New Zealand cinemas right now.

What is Anyone But You about?

When they find themselves in Sydney to attend the wedding of her sister to his best friend’s sister, Bea and Ben, a pair of feuding exes (well, if one date counts) decide (or are manipulated into) pretending that their flame has been rekindled to make things run more smoothly. Will their fake romance turn real? Well, it’s loosely based on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, and it’s a romantic comedy, so the odds seem pretty good.

The cast of Anyone But You

In addition to Sweeney and Powell, who really is kicking goals since his breakout supporting turn in Top Gun: Maverick, Alexandra Shipp and Hadley Robinson are the betrothed Claudia and Halley; Bryan Brown, Michelle Hurd, Dermot Mulroney, and  Rachel Griffiths are the two sets of soon-to-be-in-laws. GaTa is Ben’s best friend, Pete; and Darren Barnet, Charlee Fraser, and Joe Davidson round out the cast. Bryan Brown and GaTa seem to be having a lot of fun.

Anyone But You trailer

What are the critics saying about Anyone But You?

Reviews thus far have been decidedly mixed, with the cast and especially the palpable chemistry between our two leads drawing praise, but the rather contrived plot and convoluted story machinations not winning too may critics over. Still, Sydney (the city, to be clear) has rarely looked better in film, the jokes are constant and surprisingly raunchy, and of course there’s a happy ending. You probably already know if this is your sort of thing, and if it is, you’re going to have a good time.