How to watch Breeders season 4 in New Zealand

They say parenting is a tough racket. I wouldn’t know – that ship sailed long ago, and instead I’ve been doing khat with Malaysian pirates for three days. But as soon as that’s off the calendar, I’ll be checking out the fourth and reportedly final season of Breeders.

How to watch Breeders season 4 in New Zealand

Breeders season 4 is streaming exclusively in New Zealand on Disney+ right now.

What is Breeders season 4 about?

Created by star Martin Freeman with Chris Addison and Simon Blackwell, Breeders sees Freeman and Daisy Haggard as Paul Worsley and Ally Grant, a married (eventually) couple with two kids, as they navigate the drama that is life. And that’s pretty much your lot, but the thing about Breeders is that it’s closely observed, emotionally honest, and blackly hilarious.

This latest season picks up five years after season three, with Ally and Paul’s marriage once again in crisis, and now-grown son Luke (Oscar Kennedy) drops a bombshell at the dinner table that… well, introduces a nice, new crisis. Meanwhile, daughter Ava (Zoë Athena) feels even more invisible to her parents following Luke’s announcement (look, it’s a baby – it’s in the trailer).

The cast of Breeders season 4

In addition to the above, Luke’s now-pregnant girlfriend Maya is played by Deepica Stephen; Paul’s parents Jackie and Jim by Joanna Bacon and Alun Armstrong; and Ally’s mother Leah and her new husband Alex by Stella Gonet and Hugh Quarshie.

Breeders season 4 trailer

Why we’re excited about Breeders season 4

Breeders has been one of those quiet achievers  – the sort of series that doesn’t get much attention but earns a fervently dedicated cadre of fans nonetheless. And given its faithfulness to realities of modern family life, it was never going to run forever, especially given its tendency to skip years of time to further the story rather than going around in circles. If this is the last hurrah for this hardscrabble clan (although surely a Christmas Special or two isn’t entirely out of the question) we’ll be sad to see them go, but keen to see what path they take.