How to watch Role Play in New Zealand

As private detective Joseph Hallenbeck once mused, “Sky’s blue, water’s wet, women have secrets.” In this new action-comedy, David Oyelowo’s amiable suburban husband finds out his wife’s secret is bigger and more dangerous than most…

When is Role Play being released in New Zealand?

Role Play is streaming in New Zealand exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from January 12.

What is Role Play about?

When married couple Emma and Dave Brackett decide to spice up their love life with a little role playing (you know, they pretend to be strangers who meet in a bar, that sort of thing—whatever floats your boat) the events of the evening reveal to Dave that his loving wife has a secret life as an elite international assassin. Cue lots of running, gunning, and conversations about personal boundaries, the importance of privacy, and how to kill the president of Paraguay with a fork (unconfirmed).

The cast of Role Play

Kaley Cuoco is Emma Brackett; David Oyelowo is Dave Brackett; Bill Nighy is Bob Kellerman (subbing in for Billy Bob Thornton due to scheduling issues); Connie Nielsen is Gwen Carver; Rudi Dharmalingam is Raj; and Simon Delaney is Toby Berman. We have no idea of the significance of any of these characters, but we’d put money on Nighy being some kind of handler/spymaster.

Role Play trailer

Why we’re excited about Role Play

At first taste this looks like a mash-up of True Lies and Date Night, with a little Mr and Mrs Smith thrown in for good measure. Cuoco and Oyelowo both have form for action comedy—see her work in The Flight Attendant and his in Gringo for prime examples. It does feel a little inconsequential if we’re being honest, but chemistry can get you a long way, and the two stars look like they’re having a blast. Feels like perfect lazy weekend viewing to us.