How to watch Sugar in New Zealand

Before he turns back to crime in the upcoming TV series The Penguin, Colin Farrell is on the side of the angels (presumably) in this new take on the venerable detective story, joining the ranks of Raymond chandler’s Philip Marlowe, Dashiell Hammett’s Sam Spade, and also some guys who weren’t played by Humphrey Bogart.

When is Sugar being released in New Zealand?

Sugar is now streaming in New Zealand exclusively on Apple TV+.

What is Sugar about?

Yer man from Castleknock is LA-based private detective John Sugar, who is hired by powerful Hollywood producer Jonathan Siegel to track down his missing granddaughter, Olivia. It’s a wandering daughter case, as Philip Marlowe once mused, and you just know there’s more going on than first appears. And it’s weirder than we’re used to. The details are being closely guarded, but we understand some manner of mid-season twist puts the show firmly in the “genre” category. Horror? Sci-fi? Urban fantasy? Maybe Colin’s playing a gumshoe leprechaun…

The cast of Sugar

Colin Farrell is John Sugar, as we mentioned; the world’s favourite pig farmer, James Cromwell, is Jonathan Siegel; Sydney Chandler (no relation to that one – she’s Kyle Chandler’s kid) is the errant Olivia Siegel; The Sandman‘s Kirby Howell-Baptiste is Ruby; The Wire‘s Amy Ryan is Melanie Mackie; Dennis Boutsikaris is Bernie Siegel; Alex Hernandez is Kenny, and Anna Gunn, Nate Corddry. and Miguel Sandoval are also in the mix.

Sugar trailer

Why we’re excited about Sugar

What can we say? We love Colin Farrell, we love Los Angeles noir, and we really love noir/genre mash-ups, like the superb Cast a Deadly Spell and Angel Heart. Plus, every episode is directed by Fernando Meirelles. who gave us the sublime City of God, so you know it’s going to look great, at least. We’re gonna eat this up with a spoon.