How to watch Vigil season 2 in New Zealand

Season one of the British drama Vigil was a tight little procedural thriller that shook things up a bit by being set largely on a nuclear submarine and delving into the connection between a missing fishing trawler and a mysteriously deceased crew member. For the second season of the military-themed series, we’re leaving the sea for the air and the world of unmanned combat aerial vehicles. We’ll try not to drone on…

How to watch Vigil season 2 in New Zealand

Vigil season two is streaming in New Zealand right now on TVNZ.

What is Vigil season 2 about?

As the BBC’s official synopsis tells us: “Following multiple deaths at a Scottish weapons test, Silva and Longacre are tasked with finding out the cause. Entering the closed ranks of the air force in Scotland and the Middle East, the pair face the deadly warfare of tomorrow as they fight for their own uncertain future.”

That would be Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) and Detective Sergeant Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie), whose investigation last season brought them into conflict with both the upper echelons of the Royal Navy and MI5, who have been known to hold a grudge. Wonder if they’ll tread more carefully this time out?

The cast of Vigil season 2

In addition to Jones and Longacre, this season sees the talent roster filled out by Dougray Scott as Air Vice Marshal Marcus Grainger, Romola Garai as Squadron Leader Eliza Russell, Chris Jenks as Flight Lieutenant Callum Barker, David Elliot, Oscar Salem, Nebras Jamali, Amir El-Masry, and Steven Elder .

Vigil season 2 trailer

What are the critics saying about Vigil season 2?

Solid reviews across the board for this one, with the odd mark off for occasionally straying from plausibility. As the Rotten Tomatoes consensus notes, “Vigil is ludicrous just as often as it is suspenseful, but a committed cast and pulpy pace make it worth diving in.”