Lord of the Rings, Matrix & Cornetto trilogies to play at Auckland’s Academy Cinema

Academy Cinemas, recently voted one of the best cinemas in Auckland, is putting on a triple threat of trilogies over the next three months. Here’s what’s in store.

The Matrix trilogy – Sunday, April 22 @ 12:00pm

With a running time just above 400 minutes, the Wachowskis’ groundbreaking sci-fi is playing back-to-back-to-back with 30-minute intermissions.

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The Lord of the Rings trilogy – Sunday, May 20 @ 10:30am

Peter Jackson put New Zealand on the map (almost literally) with his legendary trilogy adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s fantasy epic. Includes 30-minute intermissions.

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The Cornetto trilogy – Sunday, June 24 @ 12:00pm

The three genre comedies from Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost make up the Cornetto Trilogy with each flavour representing a film and it’s genre: strawberry red (Shaun of the Dead), classic blue (Hot Fuzz), and mint choc green (The World’s End).

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