Neo proves he still knows kung fu in new Matrix Resurrections trailer

Whether you’re looking to question your reality or just want to see Keanu throw down some sonic boom fists, this latest trailer to The Matrix Resurrections has you covered.

The Matrix is an all-time classic. And then there’s Reloaded and Revolutions. It might not mean much to say The Matrix Resurrections looks like the best Matrix sequel yet, but when a trailer like this drops, it’s hard not to type HYPE.EXE into your brain.

The original film, released in 1999, made you question what was real and what was a computer-generated lie. Now that we’re soaked in the digital age where misinformation reshapes people’s perception of reality, The Matrix Resurrections has a lot more to work with.

“It’s so easy to forget how much noise The Matrix pumps into your head,” says a woman in the trailer who could potentially be Oracle 2.0. She could’ve swapped out ‘The Matrix’ for ‘Instagram’ or ‘Facebook’ and no-one would correct her.

The trailer also puts emphasis on the idea of remembering reality, a potential parallel message to us to remember what the world was like before the internet dominated our senses daily. There’s heaps to be mined here. One could even call it a… rabbit hole.

If all this philosophical jibber jabber ain’t what you’re here for, then thank the trailer for giving you a generous dumping of kicks, punches, bullets, explosions, wall-running, rooftop-jumping, and sonic boom fists. As Neo confirms: he still knows kung fu.

You can boot yourself back into this world when The Matrix Resurrections opens nationwide on Boxing Day.