Rialto Channel New Zealand Film Awards return in 2014

The Rialto Channel New Zealand Film Awards for 2014 are back and better than ever. Well more humble than ever – that’s for sure.

What an incredible year it’s been for New Zealand cinema, for the first time in our cinematic history we’ve had several commercial and solid critical hits in the space of 12 months.

Obviously we’d like to say that the resurrection of the NZ Film Awards was a key component for this sea change but unfortunately it’s probably down to the hard graft of many talented individuals. Everyone at the Awards is just stoked to have a show that will feature more than enough superb films lining up for some much deserved kudos.

“This year feels like a milestone of sorts for NZ film and to not celebrate the momentum built from several strong features would be criminal,” says Ant Timpson.

“Sometimes awards shows seem to be an excuse for the industry to party – this year we feel it’s our damn duty to pay witness to a phenomenal year of kiwi cinema.”

Once again massive thanks go to naming rights sponsor Rialto Channel, and the New Zealand Film Commission.

“For the past two years, The Moas has done a great job honouring the best of the best in a fun and much-anticipated calendar event,” says Dave Gibson, CEO of the New Zealand Film Commission.

“I recommend locking December 12 into your diaries. There’s also a rumour, that’s hopefully true, that it will be shorter this year.”

The Rialto Channel New Zealand Film Awards, ‘The Moas’, are put together by a few folks who genuinely think it’d be kind of embarrassing to not have some sort of celebration recognising what’s been achieved in New Zealand Film in the past year.

Entries are now open via the website below, and close at 5pm on Monday October 13.

The Rialto Channel New Zealand Film Awards take place on Friday December 12, will be live streamed on NZ Herald Online, and later broadcast on Rialto Channel.

“The team at Rialto Channel are particularly thrilled to again be naming sponsor for this year’s NZ Film Awards – the calibre of NZ film this year has been one of the most outstanding and successful, both in NZ and on the international stage,” says Rialto Channel General Manager Roger Wyllie.

“We are very happy to be applauding the efforts of all cast and crew behind these NZ stories.”
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