Test post

Here’s a page which lays every possible element… and custom element we use the above. Above is our Sponrosred Content image (HERO).


Of course there’s paragraphs like this one, bold copy, italic copy, linked copy.

Let’s test some links

Movie page

TV page

Now Playing movies

Coming Soon 

Cinemas home

Cinema page (single cinema)

On Demand home

On Demand provider (Netflix NZ)

And here is our smart link – this one has HTML in the code.

Squid Game: Season 1

Streaming Now
  • Netflix

We have another streamlined version of this:

Streaming Now
  • Neon
  • Google Play
  • Apple TV

H2 headings

H3 headings

What else do we have… STARS:


Quote me with a big lovely quote.

Also, an in-article VIDEO AD:

Sometimes we include a SIGN UP FORM

Of course iFRAMES – like YouTube:


We do a thing we call a SMART LINK, goes like this:

Also, is our styles BUTTON

Where to watch

Images as well