We’re noisy, rude movie-goers – and we’re getting worse

A few weeks back, Editor Steve Newall included the following in an email to those Flicks readers lucky enough to have scored tickets to our Hail, Caesar! previews: “Please don’t talk unnecessarily or use your phone during the film. We’ve had to police guests’ behaviour too much of late for our liking.If you can’t adhere to these basic conditions of politeness, it’s probably best if you do not attend.”

This email caught the eye of reporter Sam Boyer who happened to be at the screening, and a few weeks later the pair sat down over a beer in the sun to discuss the extremely important etiquette issues raised. A few days later, the following appeared on Stuff.co.nz:

New Zealand cinema audiences are getting ruder, according to one professional movie goer – and baby boomers might be the worst culprits.

Steve Newall, editor and manager of New Zealand film website Flicks, says Kiwis are often inconsiderate when enjoying the big screen.

“There is a fundamental problem with people being disruptive in films,” he said. “And I think it’s getting worse.”

Increasingly, people were treating the cinema as if it were their lounge – answering their phones, chatting throughout, and texting whenever they pleased, he said.

“It’s not church, it’s not an austere environment. We go to the movies to enjoy it and being in the presence of other people is part of that enjoyment – but those other people just shouldn’t be d***s.

“If you’ve bought a film ticket, it’s about going and being amazed and taken in. When someone is having a chat, it takes you out of that.

“It’s not about laughing or being involved in the action [on the screen], the problem is when what you’re doing isn’t related to the film.”

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