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Poster for Plane (2023)

Plane (2023)

107 mins|78%94%
Gerard Butler (Greenland) and Mike Colter (Luke Cage)...
Gerard Butler (Greenland) and Mike Colter (Luke Cage) star in this action thriller following a pilot forced to make an emergency landing in a war zone, only to be caught between the agendas of multiple militias that are planning to take the plane and its passengers hostage.
Poster for Cowboy Bebop: Season 1

Cowboy Bebop: Season 1

John Cho plays Spike in this live-action...
John Cho plays Spike in this live-action remake of the jazz-punk sci-fi anime following a ragtag crew of bounty hunters chasing down the galaxy's most dangerous criminals. 
  • Netflix
Poster for Sleeping with Other People

Sleeping with Other People

R1695 mins|64%57%
Sort-of-platonic rom-com following a womaniser (Jason Sudeikis, Horrible...
Sort-of-platonic rom-com following a womaniser (Jason Sudeikis, Horrible Bosses) and a serial cheater (Alison Brie, Community) who form a mutual friendship that threatens to become something more.
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