“Funny, captivating, full of suspense”—what audiences thought of Knives Out

We recently had the honour of hosting New Zealand preview screenings of Rian Johnson’s whodunnit Knives Out (in cinemas 28 November with sneak screenings this weekend). Here’s what our preview audiences had to say.

“A very entertaining murder mystery. The casting is A+. Perfect mix of humour and suspense.” -H Patel

“Best movie I have seen this year! Had a great amount of humour and thrills in the movie. It’s totally worth it.” -H Deva

“The cast was uniformly great and delivered the comedy aspect at just the right tone. Ana De Armas is destined to be a star based on this and Blade Runner 2049.” -G Coughlan

“A rollickin’ good time of a murder mystery.” -(Twitter: @ironweed)

“Loved it. Clever plot, well cast and loved the set design and camera work.” -K Russell

“Positively thrilling! It’s like The Royal Tenenbaums meets Cluedo: a highly dysfunctional family caught up in a murder mystery with clever twists and a laugh at every turn. Loved it!” -Kenny Williams (Twitter: @Ohheykenny)

“Epic. Rian Johnson again proves he is an absolute master of subverting expectations and making something different.” -J Stansfield

“Clever, slick and funny! The cast was amazing! And will definitely be recommending!” -P Allen

“I felt that the plot was a little predictable, and the laughs a little forced. However, it was far from the worst movie I’ve ever seen. All in all, it was a mildly entertaining way to spend an evening out.” -P Constable

“Ultimately fun and carried by the charming Ana de Armas, this perhaps suffered under the weight of needing to give screen time to so many stars, leaving characters played by less famous actors somewhat abandoned.” -A Ferguson

“Wonderful! So many could enjoy this depending on your likes.” -Diana

“Funny, captivating and full of suspense. Just when you thought you figured it out who did it, the story throw’s another curve ball at you! I loved the witty puns in the seriousness of it all. Definitely, a must see.” -V Iodhia

“Murder mystery plus comedy and put together well with a great cast equals a great movie!” -V Etting

“At first, it was quite a distraction listening to Daniel Craig’s Southern drawl but he was excellent once you got over that accent!” -T Brannigan

“The way this story unravels was a damn pleasure and I can’t wait to watch it again. Don’t miss this one folks.” -N Chauhan

“Absolutely loved the movie! A great whodunnit mystery with great characters and a good twist to it!” -C Sinclair

“So much fun, absolutely loved it!!” -Tessa (Twitter: @Tessa_Jean)

“Rian Johnson shows his masterful direction in this pitch-perfect example of a whodunnit.” -M Bidois

“So much fun! Tight script, outstanding acting, deliriously funny murder-mystery, Rian Johnson knocks it out of the park again.” -T Sriamporn

“This was a great night out . The film has good plot, suspense, great cast—an excellent whodunit. Have already recommended it to work colleagues.” -Deirdre

“At first I thought it a little slow but it moved on rapidly with so many twists and turns. It soon had my full attention and left me feeling extremely satisfied with the ending.” -Hilary

“The casting of Daniel Craig as a Poirot-esque sleuth never felt right but he and the rest of the cast were actually pretty solid. Great to see the return of the whodunnit to the big screen but hoping for a more delicately handled episode from whoever picks up the mantle next.” -D Kelly

“An absolute blast. Great watching Rian Johnson bring his penchant for ridiculous subversion of expectations to a milieu perfectly suited for it, and though not all of the stars get enough material to really shine, those that do are tremendous fun to watch.” -C Smol