Review: Dance Flick

I’m trying to think of something nice to say about this movie but I’m drawing a blank. It really is piss poor on every possible level with its laundry list of botched attempts at humour.

Gross-out comedy that is somehow both puerile and bland – check. Ham fisted acting that makes the delivery of jokes come across desperate for approval – check. Tired, played out visual gags – check. I know these are staples of spoof movies but when carried out this poorly, even compared to previous efforts by the Wayans brothers, they’re pretty hard to forgive. The formula that worked for stuff like Scary Movie and the rest has lost all of its shock value and now it’s just sad watching this stuff in a full but silent cinema.

The funniest thing about this film, aside from the two or three genuine laughs it delivers, is how it ends up being worse than the original movies it parodies. The cycle of modern teen musicals aren’t exactly prestigious stuff but compared to this they seem like beacons of artistic virtuosity.