Review: Fast & Furious

Number four in the most souped-up, turbo-charged franchise in the movie world has arrived, and it’s not deviating too far from the playbook that made it such a success up to this point. If anything, it tries to recapture those bygone glory days by re-casting Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in the roles that made them stars.

Everything you’d expect to be in here is present and correct: Fancy cars pushing their speedometers to the limit, epic chase scenes punctuated by explosions and special effects, sweet babes for male audiences to lust over and Vin Diesel getting all badass on it. As long as you focus on these key elements, it’s a fun, slow-witted adrenaline charge of a movie. You don’t have to look too much closer though and it starts to get speed wobbles.

Both Walker and Diesel look bored in any scene that doesn’t have them hurtling along the tarmac or battling baddies. To be fair, the script itself doesn’t give them much to get excited about. One day, the big wigs behind this franchise are going to figure out how to do a whole movie that is 100% action and no storyline. Everyone from the cast to the loyal fan base can’t wait. Until then, wait for the DVD and fast forward to the action scenes.