Review: Jackass 3

After an extended hiatus, the Jackass boys return to the big screen and they’re much the same as you remember. Well, Steve-o is sober now, but in regards to the type of entertainment you can expect, it’s business as usual.

There are plenty of violent slapstick stunts and gags to make you laugh and wince, often at the same time. Plenty of gross out humour too if that’s your thing. This may seem a bit too ‘same old stuff’ to justify the cost of a movie ticket but most of their familiar shtick is taken to more extreme levels in this incarnation. Of course, there’s the 3D aspect as well.

You’d be well within your rights to expect the 3D element to be a cynical cash-in on the latest craze but they do actually find some interesting ways to milk the format for maximum effect. The real star, technology wise, is the slow-motion high-definition camera that gives even the most basic punch to the face a cinematic sensibility.

Rounding out the attractions are guest appearances from some of the crazies that they paved the way for, think The Dudesons and Travis Bickle, as well as a Hollywood cameo. It’s juvenile, but it’s entertaining popcorn fodder.