Review: Non-Stop

Not to be confused as ‘the next Taken’ in any way, Non-Stop could be retitled Agatha Christie’s Snakes on a Plane with its convoluted whodunnit story marinated in chuckle-worthy b-thriller cheese. Alcoholic air marshal Bill (Neeson) is confronted by a mystery texter threatening to kill a passenger every 20 minutes. Yes, it’s completely implausible, but one look at the poster featuring Liam aiming his gun in a descending plane and you should know the film isn’t going for reality-sharpened thrills.

Every plot turn that follows is as ludicrous as the next, but that consistent silliness never singles out one twist for going overboard and to the film’s credit, it does an entertaining job playing hot-potato with the smoking gun. But make no mistake: this is Hitch-schlock of the highest order – and I say that as an endorsement.

Director Jaume Collet-Serra transcends his duller Neeson vehicle Unknown by providing a distinctive visual slickness that effectively drives the suspense. At his most vulnerable, Bill is shown in the centre of a vortex made from the mocking messages of his antagonist. At his most hostile, we’re treated to some impressively long takes that don’t allow any breathing room as he aggressively accuses passengers left, right and centre – the tension expanding as the threat of mutiny grows.

Non-Stop plays out like a flying Phone Booth that leads to the typical, exposition-heavy, bad guy monologue. There’s a page reserved in The Liam Neeson Book of Quotes for Bill’s awesome retort. 

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