Review: Spy Kids 4 – All The Time In The World

After being entertained by the first Spy Kids but missing out on subsequent adventures, I join up again with the team for a fourth outing. Turns out, unfortunately, that the series has run dry, leaving this entry fun but uninspired.

The big gimmick here is the scratch-and-sniff cards that are handed out at every screening. There are eight numbered sections and each time the corresponding number appears on the screen, you’re supposed to activate them. Only problem is – it doesn’t work. The best I got was a faintly bubblegummy whiff of cardboard. I had wondered if I’d received a dud, but by the sounds of others in the audience, they all had too.

Otherwise this is fairly routine fare, even for kids, and aside from cool gadgets it’s just a bit dull. Can’t remember when I last received this many fart jokes in a movie, either. Good for younger viewers, but strictly a ‘babysitter’ for adults.