Review: ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Leaves You Excited for What Its Future Holds

Early on in Star Trek Beyond, we hear Kirk, via his Captain’s Log, amusingly describe things on the Enterprise as having become “episodic” after several years in space. It’s an articulation of the film’s stated intention to evoke the spirit of the original series, a goal the film achieves without devolving into a nostalgia run.

It’s just so darn refreshing to see the Enterprise crew go on an actual mission for once. The story here is a welcome respite from the over-reaching, status quo-challenging plots of the two previous films. Indeed, this kind of leaves both of those films for dust, displaying a spry, sardonic touch they both notably lacked.

Everyone is in fine form, performance-wise, but “our” Karl pretty much strolls away with the movie, which benefits greatly from his interplay with Zachary Quinto’s Spock. John Cho (Sulu) also totally kills it – somebody needs to put that guy in an action-comedy already. Pine is more at ease as Kirk, and makes a bountiful meal of his inventive action set-pieces.

Things simply gel in this film in a way we always hoped they would in this new Star Trek universe. The entire film is a delight, but whoever came up with the fist pump-inducing finalé gambit deserves a medal – it’s quite possibly the coolest big screen Star Trek moment since Spock zapped those punks on the bus in The Voyage Home.

The sense of a massive universe with infinite possibilities permeates Star Trek Beyond. It’s a thrilling and honourable ode to what makes the property special that will leave you excited for what its future holds.

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