Review: Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon

It seemed like a weird choice. Funnyman Mike Myers – Austin Powers himself – makes his directorial debut… and it’s a documentary about talent manager Shep Gordon? Then around two thirds of the way through Myers pops up on screen and proclaims Shep a good buddy, and it becomes clear that this is a feature length tribute from one friend to another.

The bulk of the film has Shep himself spinning yarns into the camera, interspersed with the usual doco trappings of chintzy recreations, stock footage and the odd talking head. The stories are great though, the kind of crazy Hollywood tales that could’ve only happened in the ’70s.

But as Supermensch meanders on into Shep’s retirement, you realize that this collection of stories is sorely in need of an ending. The history of Shep’s career is great fun, his personal life less so, and when Myers starts to focus on the latter the film feels increasingly unsatisfying. An effort is made to inject a bit of pathos regarding Shep’s health, but considering he’s been doing press for the film it’s hardly nail biting stuff.

The main takeaway is Myers letting us know in no uncertain terms that Shep is a really swell guy. And he certainly seems to be. ButSupermensch fails to stick the landing and ends up feeling more like a lark than a real movie, albeit a pleasantly diverting one.

‘Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon’ Movie Times