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Bruce Campbell reprises his role as Ash Williams, an aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who’s spent the last three... More

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Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 2 is available to stream... More in New Zealand now on Three Now.

Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1


Ash, Pablo and Kelly, summoned back to Ash's hometown by... More Ruby, form an unusual alliance. Once there, Ash's father and the local pub dwellers give the returning son a chilly reception.

Episode 2.2

The Morgue

Pablo's grasp on reality is tested when Ruby reveals the... More Necronomicon has gifted him with premonitions. Meanwhile, in the morgue, Ash and Kelly discover Brock's date might not be the warm body he's banking on.

Episode 2.3

Last Call

Local teens raise hell when they steal the Delta from... More Brock's house. Ash and his best buddy Chet devise a plan to throw a party at the bar, lure the thieves in, and get the Delta and the Necronomicon back .

Episode 2.4


Ash goes on the hunt for his beloved Delta, but... More suddenly becomes the hunted. Meanwhile, Ruby and Kelly engage in a battle with the evil spawn while Pablo suffers from a new Necronomicon condition.



Ruby, Kelly and Pablo must break Ash out of jail... More after the Sheriff brings him up on charges.


Trapped Inside

An angry mob corners Ash and the team in Brock's... More house while Ruby attempts to summon the spell to send Baal back to hell; Ash proves to the townsfolk that he is not a murderer, but a hero.



Ash wakes up in an asylum, and a seemingly helpful... More doctor tries desperately to get him to admit his horrific acts so his healing can begin.


Ashy Slashy

Ruby, Kelly and Pablo go to look for Ash and... More Baal in an abandoned asylum and encounter some crazy characters. They are all players in Baal's attempt to break Ash and find the Necronomicon. But did his plan work?


Home Again

Ash, distraught about losing Pablo is determined to bring him... More back! Ruby and Kelly tag along to make sure Young Ash never sees the Necronomicon. But the butterfly effect they create is something no one can believe!


Second Coming

Ash, Ruby and Kelly battle the past to secure a... More future where Pablo is alive and the world is safe from evil, but the family from hell has other plans.

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