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Antony Starr (The Boys) leads this mistaken identity drama set in an American small town where an enigmatic ex-con, posing... More

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Banshee: Season 3 is available to stream in New Zealand... More now on Neon.

Banshee: Season 3 episodes

Episode 3.1

The Fire Trials

With Rabbit dead and Emmet's death avenged, Banshee has since... More been nothing but a quiet town. But things begin to change when Hood eyes a risky new job, as Chayton returns railing the Kinaho to war.

Episode 3.2

Snakes and Whatnot

Nola returns to Banshee. Proctor's mother ails from a disease.... More Carrie must choose between the heist and her relationship with Colonel Douglas Stowe.

Episode 3.3

A Fixer of Sorts

Nola and Burton have a bloody confrontation. Tommy defies Chayton's... More orders and attacks Proctor's club. Hood's secret is threatened when a FBI agent shows up at his door, as someone close to him discovers the truth.

Episode 3.4

Real Life Is the Nightmare

Carrie quits her job at the diner. Deva steals from... More a video game store. After Siobhan's discovery, Lucas decides to kill Proctor before leaving Banshee for good, with unforeseen consequences.



Cadi becomes a war zone when Chayton and the Red... More Bones attack the station with Hood, Brock, Proctor, Siobhan and the others trapped inside.


We Were All Someone Else Yesterday

Hood copes with Siobhan's death. The FBI takes over in... More the hunt for Chayton. A wedge is driven between Proctor and Rebecca.


You Can't Hide from the Dead

Despite Job’s reservations, Lucas and his team pull off a... More daring heist at Camp Genoa. Lucas and Chayton are haunted by their recent deadly encounter. Calling a truce, Gordon and Carrie attempt an unusual intervention with Deva. Unbeknownst to her uncle, Rebecca heads to Philly to work out a deal with a spurned Proctor client.


All the Wisdom I Got Left

Lucas and Brock head to Louisiana and the infamous Underground... More fight club in search of Chayton. Stowe pieces together details about the Camp Genoa heist, and who might be responsible. Burton’s torment turns to resolve. Sugar looks to repay an old boxing debt. Rebecca’s initiatives put Proctor and Emily in harm’s way.


Even God Doesn't Know What to Make of You

Lucas recalls the history of his friendship with Job, while... More pondering the future – if there indeed will be one. Proctor and Emily pay the price for Rebecca’s recklessness. Carrie and Gordon pick up the pieces of their shattered relationship. Stowe and Leo land a big fish. Bunker reconnects with his skinhead past. Deva gets a lesson about crime and punishment.


We All Pay Eventually

Lucas recalls a furtive chapter in his life and a... More fan of Job's work offers him special treatment. Later, Lucas is surprised when Gordon joins him for final negotiations with Stowe in Genoa, and Proctor and Rebecca pick up a new ally as they depart for Philadelphia to settle a score.

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