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In season four, as a new maelstrom of personal issues swirl around him, Bill launches yet another business venture: a... More

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Big Love: Season 4 is available to stream in New... More Zealand now on Neon.

Big Love: Season 4 episodes

Episode 4.1

Free at Last

With the grand opening of the Blackfoot Magic Casino only... More days away, the Henricksons make last-minute preparations. Meanwhile, the feds probe the whereabouts of Roman Grant; Adaleen shares a shocking secret with Nicki; Margie makes an on-air slip-up; Bill and Nicki's smarmy ex, J.J. Walker, work out an arrangement allowing Cara Lynn to stay at the Henrickson's.

Episode 4.2

The Greater Good

Ignoring pleas from Nicki to become Juniper Creek's next prophet,... More Bill contemplates running for the vacant Utah State Senate seat. Joey and Wanda return to Juniper Creek, but a suspicious J.J. is lurking. Sarah and Scott forgo a wedding in Bill's church in favor of a civil ceremony, shocking Barb. Margene confronts Nicki about her feelings for Ray Henry.

Episode 4.3

Strange Bedfellows

Bill, Nicki and Cara Lynn travel to Washington, D.C., where... More Bill tries to land an endorsement from Congressman Clark Paley while mending things with Nicki. Meanwhile, Margene's on-air triumph is tempered by a case of mistaken identity; Joey goes to extremes to safeguard a secret; and Barb and Sarah hit a young Native American woman with their car.

Episode 4.4

The Mighty and Strong

Pressed by Coburn to state his intentions, Bill gets his... More family to stage an elaborate rally announcing his candidacy. He isn't so lucky when an audit uncovers insurance discrepancies caused by his multiple wives. To protect his secret and save his candidacy, he ends up asking Don to take the fall, and moves up his announcement by three days.


Sins of the Father

Bill pulls out all the stops to win Paley's support... More for the State Senate nomination, while Nicki continues as his campaign's 'secret weapon.' Meanwhile, Margene gets the cold shoulder; Marilyn pitches to represent the casino's interests in Washington; Frank picks a bad time to drop by the casino; and Bill absorbs a last-minute sucker punch from Coburn.


Under One Roof

Ana resurfaces with a surprise revelation. Meanwhile, Bill tries to... More get Tommy and Jerry to rebrand the casino; Marilyn makes yet another impressive pitch; Lois and Frank take Ben and Jodean south of the border; Nicki is infuriated by Alby; Margene worries about her booming business; and, with a flourish, Bill shows his wives the family's collective future.


Blood Atonement

With a revenge-minded Joey in tow, Bill makes an emergency... More trip to Mexico after Lois and Frank's latest smuggling escapade backfires. Nicki is jolted by a doctor's news, but even more flummoxed by Adaleen's shocking revelation. Margene offers up a novel remedy to keep Ana from leaving the country with her fiance, Goran. A bomb scare rocks the casino.


Next Ticket Out

Sarah makes an announcement that shakes up the family; Nicki... More tries a new look; Margene is put on the defensive when Bill questions her real reasons for getting married. An ill-timed remark puts Barb in an unwanted spotlight; an exposed Marilyn looks to bring down Bill; Bill looks for clues about J.J. in Kansas, while Adaleen finds them closer to home.


End of Days

With the election only days away, Bill puts the squeeze... More on Paley to protect his candidacy. But Marilyn has an ace up her sleeve that threatens to wreck Bill's chances. Meanwhile, Nicki gets news that seems too good to be true; and a late-breaking polygamist scandal forces Bill and his three wives to rethink their bold post-election plans.

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